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Welcome to Shanti Yoga Glasgow!
Yoga, Reiki, Personal Training & Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage in Yorkhill- Finnieston, West End of Glasgow!

Announcement: Sasha has just recieved her Senior Yoga Teacher Certificate from Yoga Alliance! After 4 years in the Hidden Lane, we have moved to a much more peaceful, spacious and newly renovated studio in the same area. We are just round the corner in Yorkhill and we now have parking, changing facilities, 2 studios/ a therapy room and many more classes on offer! Our new studio is tucked away in a peaceful location so make sure you follow the websites step by step directions to make sure you don't get lost! GPS or google maps will only take you so far!

Shanti Yoga Glasgow offers a wide range of classes and therapies, all from our studio, in the West End of Glasgow. Click here for directions. Shanti Yoga Glasgow has been teaching and providing Yoga and holistic therapies to Finnieston and Greater Glasgow for over 7 years and all of our teachers are fully qualified, full of personality and experienced. Our experienced teachers use all tried and tested methods, not only used for centuries, but also tried out on ourselves. We only teach what we genuinely believe in and that is the promotion of health and well-being, inside and out. Check our our facebook page for regular updates about the studio and classes.

Shanti Yoga Glasgow can be found in Yorkhill. We pride ourselves on the spacious but cosy character of our studio and on being as far as we can from a clinical 'gym' environment or a corporate yoga studio. The teachers at Shanti Yoga try their best to support our yogis and to offer a friendly and welcoming studio. We like to see Shanti Yoga as a place of escape from the city, where you can work on yourself: mentally, physically & emotionally. The main teacher and studio owner: Sasha is sensitive to individual needs so please do not hestitate to contact Sasha about any individual needs or concerns as we try our best to accomodate everyone as best as we can.

Whether the class is slow paced or fast paced, all of our Yoga classes follow a strong theme of developing focus and concentration, slowing the mind down and the meditative aspect of yoga practice. We believe that the primary aim in yoga is self enquiring, synchronising movements with the breath and yoga as a moving meditation. Flexibility and strength are by products of your practice therefore although we offer challenge and variety, there are regular reminders to stay aware by being sensitive to your body, learning to listen to your body again and thereby being honest to what your body is ready for at each moment in time. Yoga is much more than bending and balancing, its a way of life that can improve your quality of life for the better. Its about learning to not only become more aware of yourself but about everything that surrounds you.

The classes are a mixture of people from different ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities. All yoga ego's should be left at the door, it doesn't matter how flexible you are or how fit you are. Shanti Yoga's classes are about your experience with yoga as an individual. Yoga helps you to learn to breathe consciously and it helps you, to connect again with your body. You can find your way with yoga at your own pace. Strength and flexibility will build with time, as will, a clearer mind. The challenging and dynamic classes have lots of options so every beginner can adapt their practice, to their abilities. Beginners should look at Class descriptions to get a better idea of what each class and level entails. Also, there's studio information and guidelines here.

Shanti Massage Glasgow offers Reiki, Swedish & Pregnancy Massage in the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the studio in Finnieston. Your massage can be adapted to focus on specific ailments and tension areas or can be simply for a complete relaxation experience. Full relaxation or training packages can be made up for your needs. Packages can be mixed up of Yoga, Personal Training, Massage or Reiki, depending on what would most benefit you the most. Gift vouchers are also available for all our therapies.

Shanti Yoga offers a variety of dfferent yoga classes so there is something to suit everyone! Mats are provided if you don't have your own and a full class timetable can be found here. We also hold Monthly Workshops and Restorative weekend retreats around Scotland. Contact Sasha or the other teachers for bookings here, class prices can be found here and monthly offers are here. See a full list of what we offer at Shanti Yoga Glasgow below:

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga-Level 1, 2 & 3 - Energetic, Challenging, Sweaty, Core, Flexibility & Focussing
  • Yin Yoga- Level 1 - Releasing & Relaxing-Flexiblity and Meditative
  • Yin Yang Yoga- Level 1-2 - Flexibility & Releasing
  • Yoga For Runners, Cyclists & Sports - Similar to the Level 2 Vinyasa Flow Yoga class however all poses are specifically complementary to sports. Strength & Flexibility
  • Zen Ki Yoga ® - healing based Yoga that strengthens core through your meridians
  • Pregnancy Yoga - Preparing you for your labour & promoting a healthy & calm pregnancy
  • Post-Natal Yoga -Getting you back into shape after birth & Flexibility relief for backs and shoulders. Bring your baby!
  • Weekly Acro-Yoga
  • 1-2-1 Yoga
  • Monthly Workshops - Monthly Meditation & Regular Guest Teachers
  • Studio Rental for Workshops & Courses
  • Swedish Massage - Deep Tension & Knot Releasing Massage, can also be adapted to lighter pressure for relaxation purposes
  • Pregnancy Massage - Adapted massage for relieving tension and for relaxation during pregnancy
  • Reiki - Non-strenuous Therapy offering Deep Relaxation and Relief from internal emotional blockages and acute injuries
  • Group Classes & Therapies out-with the studio (schools, care units, skills workshops, corporate companies etc)
  • Peaceful weekend retreats filled with Yoga & Massage around Scotland